Summer in the Southern Tier

Summer means trail rides, bike races, and mountain bike festivals in the Southern Tier.  Check out our Happenings page for all the fun local events.

Chenango Chendig Mountain Bike Festival

Trails, Bikes, Food, and Chenanigans!  Come join us for the CheNaNGo ChENdiG mountain bike festival on Saturday, August 19!

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Mountain bikers come from all walks of life, and you’re never too young or old to start riding.  Cycle-CNY is on a mission to promote mountain biking as a viable activity for sheer enjoyment, as a vehicle to long-term health, and as a conduit to better understand the fragile environment we cohabitate.

Communities that embrace the many virtues of mountain biking invariably benefit from that sponsorship. Few endeavors are of greater interest to Cycle-CNY than the maintenance and expansion of mountain biking trails and activities in the Southern Tier of New York. Learn more.

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